bistara - creative marketing initiatives, led by yours truly

As a photographer in college, I started bistara because I wanted my friends to get paid gigs in their creative fields. With bistara, employers hire top curated creative freelancers in colleges nationwide. It's been an awesome journey. Below are some of my favorite ideas that I launched with my superhero team 🚀

Outside the b.ox - Gallery Show

I didn't want another regular gallery show so I threw my own. Three days of mixed media on view, pop-up concerts, interactive workshops, fitness DJ set led by Boston's most creative young talent. Below is simply a recap of one of my favorite weekends and some of the design elements we created such as program, print poster, handmade stickers, workshop banners etc. 

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bistara Sessions 💃🏻

I love music but please don't make me sing because it WILL start raining. There are some incredible performers out there but when you're a student, it's not always easy to pay for a music video production. So at bistara, we partnered with college filmmakers and musicians and cooked up some homemade sessions. xo 


Fit U Blowout After Party  💪🏼

The first fitness festival for college students kicked off in Boston with workouts, workshops, giveaways and good vibes. We curated live music for their after party at the Under Armour Brand House and made students a keepsake card to keep the energy going!

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The Takeover

When bistara launched, we partnered up with The Takeover and threw a concert at the House of Blues.