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I was a full time marketing student and freelance photographer in college when I realized that most of my creative peers were taking odd jobs or running errands to get by, rather than aligning their creative skills with paying gigs.

Upon realizing there was no platform to bridge the gap between creative college freelancers and employers seeking young, creative & flexible talent, bistara was born.



With no initial brand concept, name or story, I crafted the bistara narrative from the ground up. 

The result was a dynamic brand, personalized as a daring leader and innovator - a collective of creative rebels, breaking stereotypes & redefining the modern workforce. 

All content was produced by creative college freelancers. The brand identity was designed by Jessica.



✔️ 3,000+ users and students in 50 universities nationwide
✔️ Partnerships with 100+ businesses, non-profits & schools
✔️ 20+ epic events, digital campaigns, and lots of free hugs
✔️ Dynamic brand strategy & content viewed over 65K times






✔️ Gallery Show, three days of mixed media on view, pop-up concerts, interactive workshops, fitness DJ set led by Boston's most creative young talent. 


✔️ Fit U Blowout After Party, the first college fitness festival kicked off in Boston with workouts, workshops, giveaways and good vibes. bistara curated live music on this one 💃🏻


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